Ms. Lola Odunsi

Ms. Lola Odunsi

  • International Sales Director, GHGSat

Lola Odunsi works for GHGSat as an International Sales Director, with focus on the Oil and Gas Industry. GHGSat designs and utilises its unique high-resolution satellites and its analytics applications, in conjunction with other systems, to detect, measure and monitor greenhouse gas emissions.

During her 19 years in the Oil and Gas Industry, Lola has filled a variety of roles, in Geoscience and Digital based operations, Account Management, Sales and Business Development with companies including ION, Paradigm and Schlumberger. She is a strategic advisor in the energy sector to independent, national and multinational companies and regulators in developing optimised solutions that accelerate their de-carbonisation plans.

Lola holds a BEng in Engineering Geology from University of Portsmouth and an MSc/DIC in Petroleum Geoscience from Imperial College London

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